Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grim Hill Author Appearing at Vancouver's VCON - Sci Fi, Fantasy and Gaming Convention

Good news for fantasy book fans!!

Linda DeMeulemeester, the author of award-winning Lobster Press book, The Secret of Grim Hill, will be appearing at Vancouver's VCON this Friday, October 3 for their multi-author book launch. Organizers of the event will be auctioning signed copies of both Grim Hill novels.

Linda DeMeulemeester is a resident of Burnaby, B.C. and has credited her success as an author to her knowledge that danger makes good suspense.

You can visit the Grim Hill website at this link.

Cat Peters just transferred to Darkmont High and hates it. Learning that Grimoire, the private school nearby, is offering scholarships to the winners of a Halloween soccer match, Cat jumps at the chance. When she discovers that an entire soccer team disappeared many years ago, she investigates. This leads Cat to a book about ancient Celtic myth and fairy lore, and she soon realizes that there is something truly wicked at work inside the walls of Grimoire.

It is now November and things have finally gotten back to normal for Cat. Now the big drama in her life isn't a battle against diabolical fairies, but a battle of the sexes on the soccer field. Meanwhile, her little sister Sookie has only been interested in magic since she escaped the fairies on Halloween night. When Sookie takes her discoveries too far, it is up to Cat to set things straight. Can Cat really bear to return to the dreaded Grim Hill for a final confrontation with the powerful beings that dwell there?

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